About Photos'nStuff

this is the homepage of www.photosnstuff.net

The Shop

The works offered in the shop can be purchased for private usage or for commercial purposes. Works purchased for own usage may not be re-sold, or used for any commercial purpose. Copies may be made for own usage only. If the buyer wishes to give the photo to someone else as a present, the buyer is also required to delete any copies made. Works purchased for commercial purposes may be reproduced on paper or in digital format and re-sold.

To purchase a photo, the visitor is asked to specify if the photo is to be used for commercial purposes or not. This will determine the price. The prices shown in the shop are net prices, excl. VAT. Prices including VAT are shown when viewing the Cart.

The shop offers multiple photo topics divided into categories. Photos available for purchase contain a watermark until they are paid. After payment, the customer receives a confirmation with a download button to receive the purchased photo in digital format. The downloaded photo no longer contains the watermark visible in the shop.

Why the name?

Photos’nStuff stands for Photos and Stuff. We offer digital photography and „stuff“, as in any other items we choose to offer in the future. An example of „stuff“ may be an NFT.


The photos shown on Photos’nStuff belong to one of the categories listed below. The Shop offers a category filter to more easily find the photos of interest.


Astrophotography is a hobby of the author. He focuses on getting as much information, quality, and appeal of the pictures as possible while at the same time minimizing the time, money and equipment invested.


We offer interesting animal photos aiming for positive emotions in people.


• Lilacs

• Irises

• others




„Stuff“ represents other objects of interest not represented by other categories


NFTs are comming soon! If you’d like to purchase an NFT, please let me know in the Contact section!