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Photos ‘n Stuff offers many categories of photos to choose from. When you visit, you see them, depending on your screen format, device, operating system, and browser, on the right or at the bottom of the screen. Today we’ll present one of them and tell a story about it.


Lilac” is a collection of Lilac photos made by prof. dr. sc. Želimir Borzan for the book on lilacs titled “Jorgovani” and published in Croatian language. It contains a description and history of cultivating lilacs (Syringa vulgaris L.) and lilac related cultivars, accompanied by lots of photos, many of which were shot by dr. Borzan.

The cover page of the book on lilacs called “Jorgovani”

Photos presented on in the Lilac category contain photos shot exclusively by dr. Borzan. The photos provide the plant name such as lilac for common lilacs (Syringa vulgaris L.) or the name of the cultivated sort.

Photos of lilacs featured under the Plants category are made by Tihomir Borzan. These were made for aestetic reasons and have no scientific plant names.

Feel free to order any photo individually here. If you are interested in the book, please let us know in the contact page.

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