Knowledge is power

To find Photos ‘n Stuff with Google, it helps to have more traffic on the web site. To learn about the traffic on the web site, Photos ‘n Stuff uses Google Analytics.

Since Photos ‘n Stuff is primarily interested in providing good looking photos, web technologies like cookies, tracking, etc. are not in our focus. However, to improve the content of our site, we find it helpful to have a service such as Google Analytics to learn more about how many people visit our site, and what they like the most here.

So, we configured Photos ‘n Stuff to use Google Analytics. For the visitor, this change should be transparent. In the future, Google Analytics might help us to offer coupons or other goodies in certain scenarios. This way, Google Analytics could be a win win situation for both the visitor and for Photos ‘n Stuff!

Thank you for visiting Photos ‘n Stuff!

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