NFTs – Non Fungible Tokens

What are NFTs?

NFT stands for “Non Fungible Token”. An NFT is a digital file representing almost anything, typically a work of art or historically relevant work.

Since it is guaranteed to be unique by blockchain
technology, it can be traded similar to physical art objects.

What’s that got to do with Photos ‘n Stuff?

Photos ‘n Stuff could offer some or all the photographs to be sold as NFTs.

This would make the photo a unique digital original. The owner can keep it and enjoy the fact that it’s the one and only original NFT, sell it if its value grows in time, and earn commision if it gets sold on.

Which NFT to get?

This is akin to asking “Which painting to buy?”.

On Photos ‘n Stuff, you could get an NFT based on any of the author’s photos. You may choose based on the topic (Astronomy, Plants, Animals, Cities, …), or any other criteria you may have (such as “Do I like this photo?”, “How likely is this NFT to increase in value over time?” or “How unique is this photo?”).

There are NFTs already available for purchase – please select them from the NFTs category.

If you would like to purchase any photo offered on not yet available under the NFTs category, please let us know which photo you’d like in the comments below!

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